Beach Life Cork Hats
Beach Life Cork Hats
Beach Life Cork Hats

Beach Life Cork Hats

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Material: Natural Cork, Acrylic, Cotton

No two pieces of cork are alike. Each product is slightly different in colour and grain and beautiful in its own way.

Not only does using cork products directly prevents animals from being harmed, it as also a lot stronger than leather products. Plus it is way more water resistant than leather products.

Every piece of cork holds a bit of history, imagine the stories behind that 200 year old tree? If only it could talk, what a story it would tell.

All the sunshine, rain and wind, all the animals that sheltered under it.

Each experience contributing towards a unique piece of cork.

That tiny, piece history and nature is now your very own accessory.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Due to extremely high demand, it takes about 2-3 weeks to ship to USA, Netherlands & some EU countries. Shipping time to other EU countries & worldwide takes 2-6 weeks depending on location.