Brand Ambassadors

We are currently offering sponsorships to plant based Influencers that love spreading the vegan message through social media!

Are you an influencer that loves to wear and talk about vegan apparel & nature products on your Instagram, blog, youtube or facebook?

Sounds like you would be a great Vegathletics Ambassador!

Our Brand Ambassador program is open to anyone who lives and supports the vegan lifestyle, has an active social, YouTube and/or blog presence, and in general, is a plant-based badass. 

How it works:

  • We’ll give you a unique affiliate link or discount code that you share with your audience
  • You’ll earn 10% of the sale price of each purchase made on our website using your affiliate link or discount code. No minimum quantity or dollar amount required. 
  • You'll earn an additional 5% of the sale price of each purchase if you’re audience accounts for 20 orders or more per quarter.
  • You’ll receive quarterly updates and payouts (via PayPal only) for your ambassador code 

The bottom line:

You get to partner with a business committed to promoting a great message

You get to provide your audience with awesome discounts on great gear

You get paid as an ambassador of our brand

You get a chance to be featured on our account to help grow your following

Ideas of how you can spread the Vegathletics Message!

  • Share high-quality images or video of WBB products on your social media account(s) (Instagram and Facebook), including your unique code in the post
  • Share high-quality content images or video of WBB products on your blog, including your unique code in the post
  • YouTuber? Feature WBB in a favourites vid, host a giveaway, or just rock the tee and provide your subscribers with the code.

The boring but necessary part:

  • Things change all the time and that’s okay. But to protect the integrity of our brand, we reserve the right to evaluate the quality of our ambassador’s social presence at any time and end participation if the partnership does not align with our values.

So, are you interested in partnering up? Get started below: